Sunday, 12 April 2015

White Bread & Pancreatitis. Influence of the white loaf on the Pancreas.

A common question being sent in is how does white bread impact the pancreas and can this lead to pancreatitis. Unfortunately it can. It’s always important to remember that foods with high fat levels, high sugar levels & other toxins can damage the pancreas. White bread is very high in sugar per serve and this food has high levels of carbohydrates, which if not worked off with exercise this storage can lead straight to the formation of fat.

A short list of alternatives include:

-       Wholemeal bread.
-       Grain Bread

Both these types of bread may take some getting use to. But after several years of eating these types of bread. I can comftorably say I am 100% use to this bread. Now If I switch back into eating white bread, this often tastes sweet. Apart from being healthy I am accustomed to eating Wholemeal bread and the finish this bread gives is great.

Avocado can also be used as a spread instead of butter. Using avocado is much healthier than using butter on your bread. So if you are currently having white bread with butter, make the switch to wholemeal bread or Grain bread and avocado. After a week or so you will thank me. Apart from being a healthier choice on the pancreas, this is delicious. Most coffee shops here in Australia are beginning to use avocado spread instead of butter.

It’s easy to find healthier alternatives to the current foods you are eating. For me making the switch to Wholemeal bread seemed boring but I am sure my organs are quite happy with the switch. I still eat White bread every so often, maybe on a weekend when I am out with family or friends. But I usually restrict my intake of this bread & I make sure on weekdays all I am consuming is brown bread and grain bread. 

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